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How do I share folders with other people?

Dropbox offers easy ways to share files or folders. Shared folders are ideal for groups of people who work on the same files together. When you create a shared folder, add others to the folder and its files will appear in their Dropbox just as they do in yours.

Share a folder on the Dropbox website
To share an existing folder, the folder has to be in your Dropbox folder. You can create a folder in your Dropbox folder just as you would anywhere else on your hard drive.
1.Sign in to the Dropbox website
2.Click on Sharing from the sidebar on the left
3.Press the button labeled New shared folder

The New shared folder button

Create a shared folder from the file browser
You can also create shared folders by selecting an existing folder from the file browser and clicking Invite to folder from the blue bar across the top. For an even quicker shortcut, right-click the file or folder from the file browser and select Invite to folder from the contextual menu.

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